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Mechanic Panic

Work was great, until the day the elevators stopped working.

A catastrophic explosion has rocked the world's first Space Elevator. Thankfully you're on the job!

As the fearless mechanic, jump as high as you can to save all the people in peril. The environment around you is crumbling. Beware of the many hazards that will come crashing down. 

Oh and don't forget about the burning fireball of doom rising up.

- Simple "One Touch" action game lets you be the Hero
- Dynamically generated gameplay makes every climb unique
- Save falling civilians and fellow mechanics, or let them perish...
- Avoid falling hazards and tricky wall obstacles
- OpenFeint enabled. Challenge your friends and earn achievements
- Compatible with your music library


Crystal Alliance

Four crystals and heroes are the last hope to save the town of Thaladon. Peace is gone, replaced by a divided land where monsters leave destruction in their path. Command the heroes to face the minions of a mysterious evil and reunite the crystals before the darkness takes over.

Crystal Alliance is an action-strategy role-playing game, featuring an epic campaign that will take you through a massive world. Manage four heroes with ease using the intuitive controls.

Command Four Legendary Heroes: Defend the crystals as the Gunner, Sharpshooter, Fire Mage, and Ice Mage, each with unique strengths and skills.

Explore Four Vast Realms: Battle through a treacherous world of wastelands, forests, haunted badlands, and volcanoes.

Expand Your Arsenal: Purchase new magic, upgrade your heroes with faster, deadlier weaponry and annihilate your enemies. Experience the power of the crystals by unleashing magic from the devastating "Prism", to the life saving "Heaven's Chorus."

Master The Challenges: After completing the campaign, put the skills you've learned through the ultimate test. Only the bravest heroes will complete them all.




Typing With Volcanoes

Two volcano gods compete to build the tallest tower. Help your volcano god be the first to build a tower to the heavens.

Steal your rival's blocks to build your own tower. Type the words inscribed into the falling blocks to steal them. Typing glowing blocks reveals power ups. Unleash these power ups to bring down your enemy's tower. Use your powers to destroy their tower brick by brick, or blow chunks of it away. The choice is up to you.

Control the game with the gorgeous, easy to use landscape keyboard. You'll need fast fingers to compete against the world on the global high scores. Maximize your score by completing the 100 addictive levels. Finishing all 100 levels won't be easy, so the game auto saves whenever you exit the application.

Warm up your fingers, because soon you'll be typing with volcanoes.

Game features:

  • 100 levels
  • Global and local high scores
  • Seamless auto-save
  • Custom landscape keyboard
  • Slick art, music, and sound




Bunny Breeder

Bunnies live hard lives. They constantly search for their perfect partner while avoiding hungry foxes. As the bunny breeder, it's your job to save as many bunnies as you can!

You only start with two bunnies so mate them to raise the bunny population. Touch and drag the bunnies to keep them away from foxes, and guide them to safety down the bunny hole. Use the friendly cow to block nearby foxes.

The more bunnies mate, the more points they're worth. Save the gold bunnies to maximize your score.

Game features:

  • Incredibly addictive gameplay
  • Pick up and play controls
  • Beautiful art and animation
  • High score tracking






The Gunslingers

The drama and intensity of classic Western standoffs and shootouts, is re-created in DRAW! The Gunslingers.


2 Gunslingers wait at the top and bottom of the screen. When the word "DRAW!" appears, quickly tap on your gun to fire. The first person to fire wins the round. Be careful, firing before "DRAW!" appears causes a misfire, giving your opponent a point. The first Gunslinger to get 3 successful shots wins.


8 Gunslingers wait for you in the single player career. Each with their own unique draw times and chance of misfiring. They range from the old but capable Slow Joe, to the lightning quick draw of Lightning McGee. Can you manage to beat all of these legendary Gunslingers?


Have a friend with an itchy trigger finger? Face off head to head and see who has the quickest draw in multiplayer mode.


Finally, hone your revolver skills in practice mode. You can even practice with a friend. Here, you have an infinite number of rounds to improve your quick draw. The fastest draw times are listed on screen.


Dust off your shoes and ready your revolvers, The Gunslingers are waiting for you.



-Intense Western standoffs and shootout

-Single player mode: Standoff against 8 Gunslingers with unique attributes

-Intense multiplayer battles

-Practice mode to hone your skills

-Fastest draw time tracking

-Beautiful animations and slow motion effects




All Switches On

The goal of the puzzle game is simple: Turn all the switches on.

Reaching that goal; however, is another story.

Tap a switch to turn it on/off. But watch out, its neighbouring switches will change their value. As an extra twist, neighbouring switches that flip out of bounds switch on the other side of the board. You'll have to think ahead before making each move.

The game is fully customizable, making it easy enough for beginning players, and incredibly challenging for master players. Start with one neighbour switching and increase the difficulty up to four neighbours.

With up to four neighbours switching, four game board sizes, and five levels of difficulty, you get EIGHTY different combinations of the game. New puzzles are generated based on your setting combinations so there's tons of puzzle variety.

There's no time limit so relax and take your time. But don't be too relaxed, you'll only rank on the High Score charts with high difficulty and fast times.

"All Switches On" features:
- Up to four neighbour switching
- Four increasingly large game boards (3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9)
- Five levels of increasing difficulty
- High score tracking




Custom EPIC Posters

Create the next meme sensation with Custom EPIC Posters!

This app has you covered whether you want to create EPIC, motivational, de-motivational, or meme related posters.

Simply select an image from your photo library and add titles and descriptions to your poster. Use your fingers to place them anywhere you want. You can even zoom/shrink your photos by pinching your fingers!

Want to create your own titles and descriptions? We've got you covered. Titles and descriptions are fully customizable with the pop-up keyboard.

iPhone users can take pictures with their camera and create posters on the fly. Finished posters are saved directly to your photo library to share with all your friends.

- Custom EPIC poster creation with photos from your photo library
- easy drag/pinch/drop controls for photo and text placement
- fully customizable titles and descriptions
- saves directly to your photo library
- camera functionality available for iPhone users




Finger Race

Let your fingers do the racing.


In the Finger World, conflicts are resolved through the Finger Race. For centuries, the Red and Blue Fingers have been at war. Whose side will you be on?


Play against the Red Finger computer in single player. Or go head-to-head with a friend as the Red and Blue Fingers race to the finish.


Intuitive multi-touch controls determine how fast you're really moving. Drag farther and flick harder on release to make your Finger Racer really move.



- Rotoscoped finger animations!

- Single and multiplayer modes

- Three single player difficulty settings

- Three race lengths

- Intuitive multi-touch controls




Apps for Kids


Mr.Bear With Me


Mr.Bear's Carnival Race

Mr.Bear's Rescue


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